The NASA Automated Requirements Measurement tool (and its successors) takes as input a conventionally structured software or systems requirements specification (SRS)and analyzes it for various text-based properties. The source file must be in .txt format.

The ARM tool (and its successors) were abandoned by NASA sometime around 2011. In 2013 my student, Nathan Carlson, reverse engineered the tool. The reproduction can be found here ARM. The tool is a faithful reproduction including errors that were extant in the product.

This reproduction is provided for historical and teaching purposes only -- use it at your own risk! My colleagues and I intend to continue to improve this tool over time and subject to funding


These files accompany papers published online.

Jeffrey Nash and Phillip Laplante, "Real-Time Control System to Control Aircraft Propeller Pitch," Journal of Aerospace Computing, Information, and Communication, vol. 1, April 2004, pp.198-212.