Requirements Engineering for Software and Systems, Third Edition

Phillip A. Laplante


Chapter 5

Page, 147, Figure 5.13 caption: “Adopted” should be “Adapted”

Chapter 6

Page 165, Table 6.1, the first row (headings) should be bold face. Also, the headings for 3,4,5,6, 7 and 8 should be ¬p, ¬q, ¬r, p=>¬q, q+>r, ¬r=>¬p, respectively.

Page 169, in the last line in the comment n(x+1) should be n(n+1)

Page 177, exercise 6.6, “Appendix A” should be “Appendix B”.

Chapter 8

Page 200, Table 8.1, the cell corresponding to “Test Span” and “Word Processor” should contain a “No”.

Chapter 9

Page 243, Exercise 9.4, “process class” should be “process clash”.

Page 243, Exercise 9.12, “decision making problem in 7” should be “decision making problem in Exercise 9.10”

Chapter 10

Page 255, at the bottom of the page, “shown in Table 10.2” should be “shown in Table 10.3”.